Organization LK OOO "Novator"

General Information:

Full legal name: Likvidatcionnaya komissiya Obshestva s ogranichennoj otvetstvennostyu "Novator" (formirovanie likvidatcionnoj komissii i naznachenie likvidatora)

Leader: ZHilinskij Eduard Genrigovich

Date of entry in the register: 01.04.2009

The authorized capital: 10 ths rub.

Number of founders: 1

Contact Information:



Site (www):

Telephone(s): +7(924)650-92-80, 65-77-66

Requisites organization (the data from the register):

TIN (INN): 0319102085

KPP (tax registration reason code): 031901001

OKPO (All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations): 86357705

OGRN (Primary state registration number): 1090327003689

OKFS (National Classification of ownership): 16 - Private property

OKOGU (National Classification of state power and control): 4210014 - Organizations established by legal entities or citizens or legal entities and citizens together

OKOPF (National Classification of legal forms): 12300 - Limited liability companies

OKTMO (National Classification of municipalities): 81650450

OKATO (National Classification of administrative and territorial division): 81250850 - Respublika Buryatiya, Regions Respubliki Buryatiya, Tarbagatajskij rajon, Village soviets Tarbagatajskogo region, SHalutskij

Types of activity:

Main (NACE): 45.2 - Development, Construction, Building and construction


45.21Civil works
45.21.6Civil works for the construction of other buildings and structures, not nec
45.21.7Installation of buildings, prefabricated
45.22The unit covers buildings and structures
45.25.6Other construction work requiring special skills
45.31Production Services
45.32Manufacture of insulation
45.33Manufacture of sanitary works
45.34Installation of other engineering
45.4Manufacture decorating
45.41Plastering works
45.42Manufacture of joinery and carpentry work
45.43Device Floor and wall covering
45.44Manufacture of Painting and glazing
45.45Manufacture of decoration and finishing works
51.53Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment
51.53.2Wholesale trade of paints, flat glass, sanitary equipment and other building materials
51.53.24Wholesale of other building materials
51.54Wholesale of hardware, hand tools, plumbing and heating equipment
52.31Retail sale of pharmaceutical products
52.32Retail sale of medical and orthopedic goods products
52.46Retail sale of hardware, paints and materials for glazing
52.46.5Retail trade of sanitary equipment
52.46.7Retail trade of construction materials nec
52.46.71Retail trade of wood
52.46.73Retail trade of metallic and non-metallic structures, etc.

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The founders of the company:
ZHilinskij Eduard Genrigovich100%10 ths rub.

Quick Reference:
Company LK OOO "Novator" registered 01 April 2009 year at 671120, BURYATIYA RESPUBLIKA, TARBAGATAJSKIJ REGION, S SOLONTCI, UL. KALASHNIKOVA, D.14, KV.15. Company was assigned OGRN 1090327003689 and the TIN 0319102085. The main activity is building and construction. The company is headed ZHilinskij Eduard Genrigovich.