Organization LK MUK NIKDTC

General Information:

Full legal name: Likvidatcionnaya komissiya Munitcipalnogo uchrezhdeniya kulturi "Novobryanskij informatcionno-kulturno-dosugovij tcentr" (uvedomlenie o formirovanii likvidatcionnoj komissii i naznachenie likvidatora)

Leader: Razdobreev Aleksandr Gennadevich

Date of entry in the register: 07.09.2009

Number of founders: 1

Contact Information:

Legal address: RUSSIA, 671325, Respublika Buryatiya, ZAIGRAEVSKIJ REGION, S. NOVAYA BRYAN, UL. OKTYABRSKAYA, D.1


Site (www):

Telephone(s): +7(30136)5-36-99, +7(30136)5-39-64

Fax: 53699

Requisites organization (the data from the register):

TIN (INN): 0306229165

KPP (tax registration reason code): 030601001

OKPO (All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations): 61626630

OGRN (Primary state registration number): 1090327009882

OKFS (National Classification of ownership): 14 - Municipal property

OKOGU (National Classification of state power and control): 4210007 - municipal Organization

OKOPF (National Classification of legal forms): 82

OKTMO (National Classification of municipalities): 81618435

OKATO (National Classification of administrative and territorial division): 81218835 - Respublika Buryatiya, Regions Respubliki Buryatiya, Zaigraevskij rajon, Village soviets i somoni Zaigraevskogo region, Novobryanskij

Types of activity:

Main (NACE): 92.1 - Other community, social and personal services, Activities and recreation, culture and sport, Activities related to the production, distribution and screening of films


92.12Renting Movies
92.13show movies
92.3Other spectacular and entertaining activities
92.31Activities in the field of art
92.31.2Activities in the field of art, literature and performing art
92.32Operation of arts facilities
92.33Activities of fairs and amusement parks
92.34Other spectacular and entertaining activities
92.34.2tantsploschadok activities, clubs, dance schools
92.4News agency activities
92.40News agency activities
92.5Other cultural activities
92.51Libraries, archives, clubs and similar institutions
92.52Museums activities and preservation of historical sites and buildings

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The founders of the company:

Quick Reference:
Company LK MUK NIKDTC registered 07 September 2009 year at 671325, Respublika Buryatiya, ZAIGRAEVSKIJ REGION, S. NOVAYA BRYAN, UL. OKTYABRSKAYA, D.1. Company was assigned OGRN 1090327009882 and the TIN 0306229165. The main activity is activities related to the production, distribution and screening of films. The company is headed Razdobreev Aleksandr Gennadevich.