Organization OOO "EKZOKORM"

General Information:


Leader: Kiselev Ivan Nikolaevich

Date of entry in the register: 04.05.2010

The authorized capital: 10 ths rub.

Number of founders: 1

Contact Information:

Legal address: RUSSIA, 109382, Moscow, ul Mariupolskaya, d 6, ofis 30


Site (www):


Requisites organization (the data from the register):

TIN (INN): 7723757187

KPP (tax registration reason code): 772301001

OKPO (All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations): 66432184

OGRN (Primary state registration number): 1107746355089

OKFS (National Classification of ownership): 16 - Private property

OKOGU (National Classification of state power and control): 4210014 - Organizations established by legal entities or citizens or legal entities and citizens together

OKOPF (National Classification of legal forms): 12300 - Limited liability companies

OKTMO (National Classification of municipalities): 45389000000

OKATO (National Classification of administrative and territorial division): 45290568 - city Moscow, YUgo-Vostochnij, Lyublino

Types of activity:

Main (NACE): 01.25.7 - Agriculture, hunting and forestry, Agriculture, hunting and related service activities, Livestock, Raising of other animals, breeding laboratory animals


01.25Raising of other animals
01.25.2breeding rabbits and fur animals in the farm
01.25.6Pet Breeding
01.25.81Aquaculture reptiles and frogs in the ponds
01.25.9Raising of other animals, not elsewhere classified
01.30Growing of crops combined with farming of animals (mixed farming)
01.4Providing services in crop production, ornamental horticulture and livestock, except veterinary activities
01.5Hunting and breeding of wild animals, including the provision of services in these areas
15.7Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
15.71Manufacture of prepared feeds and their components for animals kept on farms
15.71.1Manufacture of prepared feeds (mixed and non-mixed) for animals kept on farms
15.71.2Production of microbial protein feed, premixes, feed vitamins, antibiotics, amino acids and enzymes
15.72Manufacture of prepared pet foods
73.1Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

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The founders of the company:

The results of the year 2010:

Financial statements (accounting figures):
F1.190Total for Section I - Non-current assets0ths rub.
F1.290Total for Section II - Current assets93ths rub.
F1.300BALANCE (asset)93ths rub.
F1.490Total for Section III - Equity-35ths rub.
F1.590Total for Section IV - Long-term liabilities0ths rub.
F1.690Total for Section V - Short-term liabilities128ths rub.
F1.700BALANCE (passive)93ths rub.
F2.190Net income (loss) for the period-46ths rub.

Quick Reference:
Company OOO "EKZOKORM" registered 04 May 2010 year at 109382, Moscow, ul Mariupolskaya, d 6, ofis 30. Company was assigned OGRN 1107746355089 and the TIN 7723757187. The main activity is breeding laboratory animals. The company is headed Kiselev Ivan Nikolaevich. For 2010 year company made a loss 46 ths rub.